Laura is a seasoned clinician, serving the Atlanta area for well over a decade.  Her work has been satisfying across the many places she has worked, from inpatient mental health facilities, to outpatient DBT programs, and now in her own private practice. Based on the mental health work she completed in her own life, Laura knew from a young age, she wished to work with others, helping them find health, joy and peace.  She believes that mental health is a personal endeavor that benefits everyone across their life span. 

Laura has a passion for stepping into the stories of those who have experienced a “life interruption”. When things happen we didn’t  expect, when the disaster strikes… when we are left standing dumbfounded and in disbelief, we need support, someone who can walk with us through it all. So often a "life interruption” can also mean a life destruction. Things happen out of our control. Things happen we never asked for, and we have to address them anyway. It’s a complicated process and you can trust Laura to help you navigate through grieving your losses, healing from trauma, learning skills you may not have yet (often because you didn’t need them until now), and the strength and confidence to rebuild a life you look forward to. 

Laura’s experience and expertise lends an effective and steady hand when “life interruptions” strike. She is ready to walk with you as you address the vast myriad of emotions you are sure to experience, settle the chaos you are experiencing, find the empowerment inside yourself, and help you build a life worth living. Regardless of the circumstances that have brought you to this unsteady and unnerving place, Laura will work with you to help you find peace and confidence again.  Laura’s refreshing approach, balancing acceptance and change, will help you stay on the path you desire. 

Laura has been trained in multiple modalities, which she will use in order to create a treatment plan unique to you and your needs. She firmly believes in each of the different types of treatment she provides.  She will discuss your options with you and work with you so that you feel a sense of control and understanding of your investment in your own well-being. 

• Bachelor of Arts, Psychology – Georgia State University, Magna Cum Laude
• Master of Arts, Professional Counseling – Specialization in Christian Sex Therapy

• Licensed Professional Counselor
• American Counseling Association (ACA) Member
• EMDRIA Trained and Approved in EMDR
• Behavioral Tech, LLC Intensively Trained DBT Clinician
• Gottman Couples Therapy, Level One
Classes & Workshops:
• DBT Skills Training Classes for Adults, Adolescents, and Families
• Mental Health Education for First Responders
• Self-Care for Caregivers
• Myths and Truths about Self-Harm and Suicidality for Parents, Youth Workers, and School Workers
• Healthy Boundaries for the Aging Population